team friend friend team

what I can say is that the bacon here is horrible

I’m slightly nauseous. I’m annoyed. I want to be held

it’s fucking raining this is fabulous news


hi veterans of evil I bite

like how ike kills beta fish in a slow and painful really horrific death

remedied without really anything that means you will die


I deserve something and I will make it

it’s beautiful and incredibly sad that the aesthetic is so white

everything that is cray crap


I am a part of a tanning competition

gentle crazy

errors create the story as much as triumph


my strengths are my most genuine qualities

sometimes these are my flaws

I’m in my panties texting this to the cemetery


a new country after sex months

maybe I should just take off more clothes

we would all fall


if only everyone was at my dance party

have you seen a flock of eagles

warmbend on shuffle


I have too much crap in my purse

bright blue barrel

I wonder if he heard my music


the problem is that my tattoos are missy matcha

this is what the narrator tells you as she sits next to you in the van

boxing is quite seductive


I walked to the chinese girl for this


making the finely dressed gentleman next to me very uncomfortable


I have a single shin splint

I really need music. mtvchina is just not the same

she is not sure if she completely agrees


stained glass medallions wired to the eves of a chain linked fence

3.24.14 013

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