one of these days

when saying too much feels

various in caution with each

of these metallic. static. opium days

lavender lays over the weekend


maybe I had straight hair once

maybe a picture of my new


split in the air


each in caution

red dancers in flamenco. triangle, blanco, dissertations in a meadow

the muzzle.

various in melon. colic. cathartic chamomile.


the incessant pearls form shapes of pears in her blood

forgiving margins of manners

a father in the mirror

of respect




in poetry aloud to each other

dear. to my future. husband

cannnot hide or stop . riots . excitement needs something else

a chase dressed in lapis


the sea minds a little darkness

durable. tendon trumpets

slowness snowless


pulp of thick hibiscus

gunslinger libraries

broken throated


souls cut into the river


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