if you are free

it is your job to free

far from

her insignificance

raining ute . uke

cigarettes spiked into stars


love machines archive replaceable to no one chloroform hemp crotchet crotches climbing into cameras



mutual pomograiney chalk to be safe with


god needs to learn how to say no to gay boys

that makes me want to say he got it at jared

the orbital fragility of vagina monologues


effects the elliptical salt of alligator lace

glands wound into brass on the pottery wheel of skin prints



bulbous in blue bells

water the cleft of semi sensuous clits


its always nice when someone points you out as a beautiful imbecile

and then you go off to the most magnificent sleep

its finally hitting me I’ll no longer mishear your mouth


every once in a while selfies happen in the bathroom

humpy face & duck twat made me giggle

a sun

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