kareoke on the escalator is changing my body chemistry

heavy blondes it’s simply not true

not thinking a lot

not cleaning it

as freedom from perplexity

koreoke on the escalator is changing my body chemistry


she hands me the keys


midterm scores on pink sticky notes

sex workers or d.v. depends on what you are looking for. what a fucking line


try to empathize with a psychopath

sex is important

innocence folded into itself


I was ignored because I wanted water

she gave me two coats . I was jealous she gave him the keys


faith with in love


the dream was something about my mom


I said can

statues made of water

a hiking rest stop made from a tree


I fucked you as a joke is the saddest thing I’ve heard since I want to kill you

how the boat ran over my foot

all of these nail polish ads about rebellion


2.5.14 057

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