any of it

I don’t know if it means anything say nothing

pills that is, or any of the above

is just one other not very interesting


:: hey lovely BANGkOK, I have a friend of a friend who had surgery this morning and he needs an O-NEGATIVE BLOOD TRANSFUSION. TODAY. its the most rare, especially here in asia ::

I don’t like anyone more or less I’m not really drawn to anyone more or less and that’s

a real with yourself
:: if you know anyone who is able to donate TODAY please please contact Arielle at 0853434898 to make an appointment at the Blood Donation Center on the 3rd floor Theparat Bldg., Ramathibudi Hospital. if not share far and spread the word. ::

washing waxing authorities
:: The Blood Donation Center has already closed for the day so please call Ariel for an appointment. ::

koala bears in the sand
:: if you need more info call me: 0907213393 ::

dude with a cave won this round
:: please let me know if u are able to help ::

or is it fuck it your own risk
:: hoping we can make this happen ::


fuck with it at your own risk

2.5.14 002

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