on the bright side I recycled

& appear to be listening to music though there’s really no sound

this slowing down

it’s really getting to my feeling of kids

& their messes

& moving away

& just being crazy freaking tired at the cafeteria


this has got to be like the longest eternally damned wait for a day to end ever isn’t it

so unbelievably fucking tired

my air conditioning sounds like a church

burning down

and my prize is tupper wear

& a cat chalk board

it’s a beautiful poem

& it is my life


I’m going to lose it shit

the first christmas

won anyways

& they yelled yeah that’s my teacher

before I saw the boy who raped me today

before the competition

he said how are

& I did didn’t mean it



strange very strange day

hey what do u know we won

& that made me ill

& depressed

now apparently apart of this festive papaya salad competition

religion makes me want to vomit

windy amelie


12.27 054

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