this lady is so fucked,

up. stop staring                                 at the dwarves pulling amazing christian stunts

its not special or interesting if

the old lady holds her phone like a jacked poker hand staring

at what you are writing

i think she got another nose job


so apparently all i needed was some fast food in my hospital


I left my laptop at work. who does that to their child

maybe sad . my greatest no . work of art

has given birth to rabbits

in a van that smells like bad breath

his fragile ego around masculinity. IS a bullshit

hierarchy of assault

omg hit that man in the forehead like KFC


the pretenders snoring and I’m reading stories about rape. yay school fuck the wild

full of crap

I really hate snoring

she didn’t get it Im going to ask her again

Im in such an excellent mood today

violence is bullshit

teaching structural racism is an ad about white santa, awesome

there are a lot of white people full of crap. assholes

I didnt read him the whole dream


it would just be the same without love

lots of them cos

hiking in colors

happy like old wheat

tell me I’m what you want

a no would stop

the aesthetic you wanna like

the photo you wanna judge

not prego, test confirmed

the evolution of violence seems more to do with our opposable thumbs than our intelligence


12.12 046

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