having one of those turn up the music types of days

I was captured by a drug dealer

with an office that kept moving

around bangkok. he captured me and had sex with me and his other girl, willingly

with many different tools

contagious bracelet


you were a teacher and I taught

a secret program that was trying to reprogram my soul

I didnt think that it was possible, there were

a group of friends that thought that they could help. I told them it would never happen.


they told me they thought the secret organization would never let me live it down.

the secret org told me congrats they are no longer after your money.

I woke up and wondered about the definition of money.


all of this holiday stuff means my father is really bummng me out.

like part of her humanity is missing.

a friend


clinics are not doctors.

like beautifully weird

masturbation dream day


sleep and pink meat

x stick glow sticks


12.12 072

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