did the eucalyptus create the rust stains that make you sit in the guise of that woman speaking to the bus driver she or maybe comfortable meditative ska pleasing the gobbling tree may exist

we may exist in fur looking into a tunnel of trills sporadic fears of sleep his theories her theories bi sexual trans sexual hetero sexual red yellow black white turbulence of glass

here or whirling light over again

fuck you for your paper on my lap of course its impossible to say knees spread into a lottery as she begs blocks of  time priori di cast platitudes of overpriced fairies

in vain acquiesce the grated game the introspective events coming into the brainstems of a jazz riff

a panicked horse a snow temple filled to the ceiling with kittens that beautiful thing

curves and all uncertain

refusing to flat emotion repetitive of admirable strollers of the old of the weak of the hard of the soft of the sensitive of the love of the unreadable nice of the minds time like filler

who that is looking for

who id like to meet

who can see that I lie

in the back of the hearse

which is to say

I can counter





that wish


self love


adroid pics 2011 132

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