I forgot to say one thing

it was not the distribution merely how we were both great people like fertilizing bees with the use of placebos

the verb narrating the story as we discuss the importance of with in the sentence im fucking _ u

the vernacular grammatical importance of play

waving ways of the sense of four letters

congruent unconscious staples we mask in bones. past bones. how she says please hurt me

eventually a shield rehabilitating skin diseased into not unlike the best static electric

second bodies creatures forming patters to which is dividing. dividing. pagan. dividing. electromagnetic


divide the trope nor does the momentum verbally negate the formula of the lyric

doctored mold how you heat the house to french a blown up movie

cuddles my friend day are you dead

we cant find the dreams of the deer the young one I hit as her boyfriend misses her love

now in anime carved into my brothers shoulders bright dunk this

fuck you across his neck

his child

his blond

his fucking I wish to love

the one I hope to see and love

how that seems to be pouring more into sleep

how her navel is not a red plastic cup

how my mouth is not too small

how the keyboards talk about water

bright hatching thought threads three dimensional heads in his missing spleen dense humbles

quotation gills


the skin remembers the aim how wrapped the myth is discovering the shitty fish

the water with

tucked he

tumble tumor turtle twelves months of this babe

the resigns the

blue minor solvent



adroid pics 2011 962

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