been seeing many black cats

eyes are less phantom touches in the sunlight

basil oil bits

if someone could just cheer me up with cock paraphernalia every time I was sad I think I would be okay.

in theory the new bouquet of penii was bought by the kitchen answering the elasticity of numbers

something that I can trust

is not love at first sight

is love at first sight

I cut my hair with scissors again because I have been living nocturnes

coming apart in flower

pearl smoke trapped in an umbrella

hearing voices in the sand that frame

my own bouquet of paraphernalia

in the music

confused cones from the molecular basil oil bits bit of wings that move blue letters passed between

the world coming to

feathers in his veil           hair the surface

to fall in love

love at first sight

as the heart wipes dew off of your

without low ears laugh


10.20 002

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