someone last night told me I had no ego

into two as she was


he kisses me and I buy him fried rice and drinking water like a bhurmese ring bleeding into each other.

fort made mics

blend into a percussive exchange                      enumerative

nature is fine with the uglyover verse

I have eyes


you cant know rape

[its not made of glass voles


:: rape me I hate you try to kill me I dare you

better than bitters sex


trivia knows what that means

torn suffice too sexy     call me morning, surviving                     slave sexy

whats your thesis:


I’m nothing you don’t have to worry


horney milky wet honey


mallots pop out

watching herself in the reeds bunched    livers in the headdress of

(dancer elegies placed in summer

ripple platters


what are we left with after the violence on meaning, that red astrocyte. I let him come in me because the uncrushed airbrush is red singing


10.11.13 007

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