I miss dogs

living is about living loving. your brain love was just saying that he sees me. scar a shakes and rain drops. how you can be buried beneath music. chalt has been a cab driver for one minute and he loves me. he is wearing a zorro phantom mask and his stick shift is fake cubic zirconium. he can’t decide if he wants to wear his seat belt. I think he’s fucked up. maybe if I was wearing a brazier and overalls I could of said I just want to go to jakarta. hours of dancing alone words have nothing to do with power outages.


what are we now, small green gem? if I was to draw her portrait it would have said: taking care of me is a sexy house note: about birds and laundry. important when depressing meets distracting and they lock themselves in a house for ten years. I want the pool dream note: took me so long to sleep and then I tried a bunch of love drugs in a whole bunch of neighborhoods. I’d like a cat to bring me a gift. her in interview about how music can save your life. traffic on the other hand is like a poor bird carried by a poor cat.


8.30.13 004

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