and I cried,

on the work bench by a river                                            [blues in line your time

whereas he put him in the basement                              [you were always unless fine

let his colding flood his insides                                         [I see the apple redefined

this is the day he killed roscoe in the shower                                [blues in line your time


indeterminacy his rage his denial

ask me why my poetry had so many flies                      [blues in line your time

how his mouth full of yogurt had died                            [you were always unless fine

my music my art my tired                                           [I see the apple redefined

.                                                                               [blues in line your time


I gave snake skin gifts to all the neighbors

whereas screams in piston rhetoric                                [blues in line your time

I listened to the canopies of my spine                            [you were always unless fine

he gave me a gift of my spine                                     [I see the apple redefined

.                                                                               [blues in line your time


I covered the mold with makeup

played with the wasps on my left hand the sky               [blues in line your time

recorded state heads and mental health                            [you were always unless fine

a laptop groove pictogram between my thighs               [I see the apple redefined

.                                                                               [blues in line your time


my tattoos cursed with a kelp subway slip

a nudge native snow burns he told me command

I will ever sway a quiet


whereas she could never know how I felt                     [it is raining

sing sing the clean of                                                  [calendula as I look into your eyes

banks full of sage one clouds                                       [blues in line your time

hustling room full of guitars                                        [blues in line your time


ring ring, its raining calendulas as I look on the walls of your pollen korean sex shop



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