pollen white moons, in house subduction, constellated heart seen present to question


I am three main characters parts of one part start to multiply the other part has a twin and near the end of the movie I say where am I and everyone laughs. we walk up a creek and this old dude introduces a teen mixed with a smile beaming on his face with his heart. I say I love you and he smiles and says it back


in house cia coffee shops are exhausting, that is

I don’t know what to say I realize the only way to replace the pain is with love and I also that this will hurt me

tapping into my teenage angst could simply be speaking about wheat: just say no to swallowing

petting kittens watching the snow fall from the beach

why did you say you were a lyricist directing my head to your dick

your bite mark is innocent

all I want in life is more soup

not a song about sex suicides in the army


why is your bed is made, you seem to be a poet, the wingless weather of a blue dress

we play in the dark, the corner flowers on a branch, pulled leather petals placed against my lips

I don’t need to understand all you have sad


dear magnetic peach

the air under the sidewalk

who knows what I miss

walking backwards

knees like wild animals


1.3.12 009 1.3.12 010 1.3.12 011

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