we have to be delusional

finding each other’s super special stuff

do you remember your first time

you want me I am delicious


caught in dreams I am unable to remember

we order a cake I cannot have

a poem made from a magazine wrapped christmas present advertising bubble tea and botox

It’s not about the being dead part


a master at saying look love that way

searching for meaning just seems political and full of chance

to think my parents wanted me to be a lawyer and fight for native american burial rights

Instead I’m eating chocolate


I want bacon

I called you

Fuck school

thank you I needed that


fuck me

Hey school

Why the fuck am I always crying

Now ducking ice rain


I believe the story

not the reality

I protect myself by diverting the people I love to things I think they will love more than me

Every wall a door


I don’t know anyone who has fallen for me

certainly not with me in me who knows all my super special skills

also in a losing battle with milk

I am not cured and I think that’s okay


I love the particulars of your misshaven lip and you are adorable because … that was a big trigger

I’m going to the foreign food market today

for some sauce and curry taco kimchi fries

they are quite fantastic


what are some songs from you

I miss you and I’m sorry

when we played just had sex at the open mic everyone giggled and the korean man laughed uncontrollably with his hands over his ears. my favorite was when you almost dropped the guitar during all along the watch tower


and your love is like a planet                               like with juice?

stains mothafucka slang stain

hey got my period today

the earth one


not the pc gaming lab in the basement one

the music open night I just had sex one

fuck me I love you

I could put up my pictures on facebook, but I don’t want to perform, tonight inta jus


Being told I’m the best hugger

music for four hours I feel peace

mins my home cabbi

I’m really tired like with juice


12.16 011

12.16 004

12.16 005

12.16 012

12.16 008

12.16 009


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