transforms our

3))                  what do you think of all of this snowing


2)             how do we forgive strange and prove dos emetic violence was a bad choice tradition

.                               and I freaked out just a tad



.               1)             the soul interplay      resists nothing                                      reckless in the body is compelled

.                                                                       as a child for autopsy

.                       palms up placed on a page



.                                               1)                    and her husband is without an ending form                                           did the séance lakeside appetite

.                       the dynamics of the right

2)                    of classical commons


.                               if something falls to no one we back to a beginning. we intertwine in constant,

.               I am perhaps falling in with, or a story I perceive I

.                                               love, will

.                                               1)                    evidence from the second           orange like tradition


2)                    ya logos

.                       courage meant house

.                       1)                    female deity

2)                    ya hoodie will say look

.                                                                       line marriages in a foreign book

2)             it could only be true if we danced



.                       1)                    visible as stilts fugue                                                tell her to solicit

.                                               the batteries of her vibrator molecular                             stories how hidden in a lullaby

.                       in vintage black           meat            she redefines body snatchers


3))                  this seems the right to bag a violin


.                       1)                                    first class sudden     blue

.                                               like the way she fresh cracks petals              eggs

.                                               snowing epoch in a passive sky



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