in the winter

a broad dreams about forehead acupuncture and a g.i. tract

who’d look at who else would it be. is not a question (if I ask his invitation:

what one sees is where the writing begins


sexy twice rice

two half breast browns and base

.                                                                                                               because saving daylight, holds

at the heart the two of us high drive nowhere because you know I’m waiting for my nails to dry


of river bedded washed color, sketch presents under the bed


the pink killer motion of stray cats turns to

what the dream note shows: normal is 200 logos it noise. I got along great with my coworkers and had the best frothy soy latte


because placed at the heart of the emotional coincidence is

my reference to normalness plain shit, snow

with , in addition to elephants


he’s still beautiful

friends don’t forget to vote

what would it be otherwise, I’ll still say fuck

One thought on “in the winter

  1. Where from, we vote twice, but only one absentee-ballot gets through;
    so…go hang a chad’
    and what you say, say twice again. Who listens…?

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